Daniel Gafitescu Freelance web developer focused on open source solutions

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  • Integrate different captcha systems to prevent spam and fake data ( reCAPTCHA & other systems)
  • configure & integrate imagemagick / graphicsmagick ( image resize / cropping / image extraction from pdf )

Libraries that I have worked with :

  1. VueJs
  2.  Cypress - create acceptance testing
  3. Vuetify  - Vue UI Library
  4. Boostrap 3 & 4


 APIs / Webservices :

  1. CudaSign

Implement CudaSign eSignature REST API to sign documents online ( authenticate , upload document , choose area for signature , send invite to sign , fetch signed document)

  2. Twilio

Send SMS/MMS to different international numbers via Twilio API.

Customer gets a call with a code to authenticate in 2FA system.

  3. Zoho

Fetch leads from the api , filter them by date created and update them back on internal system change.

 4. FedEx

Create a shipment request for the Fedex to pick up and deliver & generate the label

 5. Stripe

Implement the payment gate way

 6. Twitter

Post and fetch tweets

7. Facebook

Oath authenticate system and FQL to fetch certain information.

8. Authorize.net

Integrate payment gateway

Fetch transactions on a specific date range

9. Amazon Marketplace

Fetch orders created on the marketplace

Update product stocks

10. Ebay

Fetch orders

Update stocks


Magento work: 

  • create module that extends the SOAP API in order to stock / availability update a batch of product using SKU and quantity send via a JSON for performance reasons
  • create module that fetch quantity and price via REST API call for a certain group of customer and have the option to buy it and add extra options that will be visible in the cart and in the order detail
  • extend customer SOAP v2 API to check customer credentials (email/password) and another end point to update the user password
  • call external API when customer password change


Integration hubs:

  - Ftp integration

- download latest files from a secure ftp connection using a console command called by a cron job



- Write unit test to test API using in memory database ( writing to db and compare the results after the call is done)

- Configure the phpunit.xml for different tasks

- Use mocks to test certain classes.



 Configure VPS


- AWS Lightsail


Web Servers

- Nginx

- Apache



1. Mysql

2. Postgres

3. Redis

Used for storing key/value data , session storage & cache information.

4. MongoDb


Version Control

1. Git ( Github, Gitlab & Bitbucket)

2. SVN

3. Mercurial



- collectd

- Nagios


Amazon Web Services

1. S3

Upload multiple files and setting certain properties

Download files

Generate unique download links that are only available for certain time period.

2. EC2

Provision certain EC2 instances based on different needs.

3. Lightsail

Configure different small websites for small companies.


Graph QL

LightHouse Laravel package  - setup & configure to implement an API




1. Laravel Sail

2. Laravel Nova

3. Laravel Sanctum

4. Laravel Mix


Projects worked on:

1. www.koshercasas.com

- create VPS on Digitalocean ,

- configure nginx with php-fpm and php5.5 , mysql,  redis

- CMS pages, villa management , reservation management , generate pdf for the food menus