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“Build APIs You Won’t Hate” & “Modern PHP: New Features and Good Practices”

Finish 2 books this holiday that I really like:

1. Modern PHP: New Features and Good Practices
If you are uncertain which programming language you like to learn and you are not sure if PHP is the right way this book will certainly change your mind.









2. Build APIs You Won't Hate

Last year most of my work evolved around API and specially building  REST API. This book gave me confidence that I am on the right track and also what I can improve when moving forward.

While driving I also listen to Rework which was a interesting as well.


The Martian by Andy Weir

A month ago I went with a friend of mine an saw at the cinema "The Martian" and I loved it.

Then I look over Youtube and are a bunch of interview with Andy Weir about the book.

After I seeing those videos I decided to read the book as well. In just a week, for a couple of hour a day, I manage to finish it. I kindly recommend it.

Here a few quotes from the book I love:

Me: “This is obviously a clog. How about I take the it apart and check the internal tubing?” NASA: (After 5 hours of deliberation) “No. You’l fuck it up and die.” So I took it apart.

NASA, however, is absolutely shitting itself. They see the Water Reclaimer as a critical survival element. There’s no backup, and they think I’l die instantly without it. To them, equipment failure is terrifying. To me, it’s “Tuesday.”

Most of the book NASA is "shitting bricks" ... fun read for sure.


Laravel: Code Bright

Just finish reading Laravel: Code Bright , or better say what has been written so far since it's on going process and I had found it as an excellent start if you want to learn Laravel4.
Dayle Rees has written before "Code Happy" which was an online book that you can order the print from https://leanpub.com but this one it's on Leanpub exclusive.
So if you are on the working with Laravel4 in my opinion it's a must read.

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PHP & MongoDB Web Development: Beginner’s Guide

A very well written book with lots of example that get you started with MongoDB and Php. It also covers GridFS and session manager build upon MongoDB .

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