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I wanted to see more statistics on my server over a period of time and one of the open source solutions was Collectd .

In order to view the graphics I installed Collectd-web which comes with a stand along python server that I can start when I want and just start ssh tunnel to see web page.



“Build APIs You Won’t Hate” & “Modern PHP: New Features and Good Practices”

Finish 2 books this holiday that I really like:

1. Modern PHP: New Features and Good Practices
If you are uncertain which programming language you like to learn and you are not sure if PHP is the right way this book will certainly change your mind.









2. Build APIs You Won't Hate

Last year most of my work evolved around API and specially building  REST API. This book gave me confidence that I am on the right track and also what I can improve when moving forward.

While driving I also listen to Rework which was a interesting as well.