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PHP 5.5 First Look

A short title from Lynda.com about the new features of the Php 5.5 done by Jon Peck

The title will cover :

- installing the Php 5.5 on a VirtualBox machine

- generators using the yield operator

- dereferencing
echo "abcd"[2] ==> b

- finally keyword on the try/catch statement for cleanup operations

- password hashing using the functions  password_hash , password_verify & password_get_info

- Opcache  included by default, previously knows as commercial Zend Optimizer +

- usage of list in foreach statement

- check if a function return empty result using empty function and not throw an error

- normalizing a bunch of different functions like boolval , pack & unpack

- what has been removed/deprecated on the latest Php version

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I short visit to Cassis, France.

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Yesterday I went to Avignon.
The city it's known for being the "City of Popes" and in 2000 was European City of Culture.

Here is a playlist of short videos I took with my camera "on the run" mainly from The Popes's Palace & Avignon Bridge which are part of Unesco World Heritage

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Laravel: Code Bright

Just finish reading Laravel: Code Bright , or better say what has been written so far since it's on going process and I had found it as an excellent start if you want to learn Laravel4.
Dayle Rees has written before "Code Happy" which was an online book that you can order the print from https://leanpub.com but this one it's on Leanpub exclusive.
So if you are on the working with Laravel4 in my opinion it's a must read.

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Laravel4 snippets

1. Web server configuration

For Apache , Nginx & lighttpd



2. Optional route parameter


 return "Returning info from  {$country_name} ."; 

So when the url will be

 /country - I will display

Returning info from Romania

 /country/USA - I will display

Returning info from USA

3. Multiple filters

You can call multiple filter using the | pile line.

	'before' => 'auth|is_allowed', function()
  	 return View::make('gold'); }